Attract Brand-Loyal Candidates

JobAlarm uses in-store banners to attract brand-loyal candidates using texting and geo-location. After texting your keyword, candidates will be sent a list of YOUR JOBS in their immediate area using our geo-location technology.

If you do not have job postings, no problem, your candidates can always apply using the JobAlarm Mobile Apply platform and their profiles will be forwarded to you via email.

Drive-Thru & Convenience Store Recruiting

In the Quick Service Industry, drive-thrus represent over 60% of the total traffic and almost 0% of the Candidate traffic. Adding JobAlarm banners to your drive-thrus gives potentential candidates a better platform (texting) to explore your job openings.

Unlimited Keyword Aliases

JobAlarm gives you the unique ability to create Keyword Aliases to target specific candidate groups. Add words such as Manager, Cook or any other term to your keyword and direct Candidates to these types of jobs.

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